We tragically lost Ryan September 5, 2014. To channel our grief into a cause he would have supported, we have created the RYAN RORIE FOUNDATION. The purpose of the RYAN RORIE FOUNDATION is to assist in funding LGBT youth creative art centers and classes within existing and established LGBT youth centers. Our aim is to help LGBT youth experience creativity through the use of visual and performing art.

One of Ryan's first words was "music". Ryan was a multi-talented artist. He was a musician, vocalist, painter, photographer, videographer, actor and writer.  He was also a graduate of the Sanford Meisner School of Acting.  At the end of Ryan's life, he had made a name for himself as a well-known and respected Los Angeles-based drag performer by the stage name KILLER. 

The world is a much quieter, less colorful place without him, but his artistic creations live on.  We want to provide the tools for LGBT youth, who may struggle to find acceptance, nurture their talents in the creative arts. Ryan's passion for art left behind many things we can still look at and touch that say "Ryan was here". His art lives forever. We would like to assist in offering that opportunity to others in the creation of art and leaving their marks in this world just as Ryan did.